Fundraising Champion Email Guide

Use these email templates to reach out to your personal network and spread the word about your fundraiser. Just copy and paste the text below, fill in the placeholders, and add some personal flair to make it your own!

Before Give for Good Louisville

Subject: Join me! #GiveForGoodLou


I am excited to share that I am supporting [ORGANIZATION NAME] during Give for Good Louisville by taking on the role of a fundraising champion. My fundraising efforts will help [ORGANIZATION NAME] to [OBJECTIVE - take from the organization's story]!

[Fundraiser Story: Why are you supporting this organization? What impact has this organization had on you/your family/your friends?]

Give for Good Louisville is the largest day of online giving in Kentuckiana and has raised over $42.5 million for hundreds of local organizations since 2014. What makes Give for Good Louisville unlike other fundraisers is that your donation could be randomly boosted by $1,000 or more, increasing the impact of your giving tenfold!

On September 15, join me in celebrating this day of generosity by making a gift to my fundraiser and sharing why you gave across your social platforms using the hashtag #GiveForGoodLou. Check out my fundraising page here: [LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE]

Thank you for supporting me and [ORGANIZATION NAME]!

Subject: Will you help me?


The countdown for Give for Good Louisville has begun! On September 15, [ORGANIZATION NAME] will be participating in #GiveForGoodLou and I want to support them. I need your help to make a difference!

Your contributions can make a big impact on [INSERT POPULATION SERVED BY ORGANIZATION]:
[Example - pull from organization’s donation levels:
$25 - Purchases litter for a cat for 6 months
$50 - Feeds a cat for a year
$100 - Vaccinates a cat
$250 - Purchases a room of new cat enclosures]

Together, we can make a difference. Visit [LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE] to support me and [ORGANIZATION NAME]!

Thank you!

During Give for Good Louisville

Subject: Give for Good Louisville is here - Support [ORGANIZATION NAME]


TODAY is the day! It’s September 15, so the time to give is now. My goal is to raise $X in support of [ORGANIZATION NAME], but I can’t reach my goal alone.

Please join me in helping [ORGANIZATION NAME] to [OBJECTIVE] by visiting my fundraising page at: [FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK].

If you’ve already donated, thank you so much for your support! I hope you’ll consider sharing my fundraising page with your friends and family on social media using the hashtag #GiveForGoodLou to get the word out about [ORGANIZATION NAME] and the difference they make in our community!

Thank you!

Subject: Time is running out! 


Can you believe Give for Good Louisville is almost over? With $X already raised for [ORGANIZATION NAME], I am proud of my impact as a fundraising champion!

I am so thankful for my community's generosity throughout this giving celebration - but #GiveForGoodLou isn’t over yet! Visit my fundraising page at [FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK] and make a contribution to help me reach my goal of $X.

You can also show your support by sharing my fundraising page with your friends and family on social media!

Thank you again!

After Give for Good Louisville

Subject: You're amazing!


Thank you so much for all of your support during Give for Good Louisville. Because of you, I was able to raise $X for [ORGANIZATION NAME]! Together, we made a difference in the lives of [THOSE SERVED BY ORGANIZATION].

You rock!