Partnership Opportunities

What your partnership supports

Give for Good Louisville partners stand above the crowd to support capacity-building training opportunities, engage in targeted marketing efforts, and create a robust incentive pool. Your support maximizes exposure and promotes incentives, which drives donations to the participating nonprofits.

Your support will:

  • Increase nonprofit exposure
  • Create a robust incentive pool for nonprofit prizes
  • Maximize community engagement between nonprofits, donor, and civic partners
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the local nonprofit community

Be recognized as an Ambassador for Good

During Give for Good Louisville, your organization has the opportunity to be seen by thousands of people. Based on website traffic and the Foundation’s followers, your support will be recognized in several ways. Not only will your support show your commitment to nonprofits, but it will be a wise marketing investment for your organization.

Recognition Opportunities:

  • Logo visibility on website, advertisements, and communications to nonprofits and donors
  • Recognition before, during, and after the giving day on social media
  • Media/Editorial exposure

Types of Partnerships

There are many exciting opportunities for our partners to support Give for Good Louisville and impact our local nonprofits in beneficial ways. In addition to the types of partnerships listed below, the Community Foundation of Louisville will collaborate with businesses and individuals to create a unique partnership opportunity. Become an Ambassador for Good by contacting us today at

Presenting Partner


Opportunities include significant, branded incentive contributions and prizes for nonprofits such as two grand prizes, match minutes, golden ticket, and donation station.

Community Partner


Opportunities include incentive pool funding, strategic prizes, and grand prize sponsorship.

Supporting Partner


Become a resource provider to help nonprofits build capacity. Support trainings, events, and promotion for Give for Good Louisville. Examples include nonprofit training opportunities and webinars, or become a Facebook Live partner. Your support will offset the cost of the technical support and help the Foundation bring in nationally recognized giving day expert speakers.

Foundation Partner


Join the Give for Good Louisville prize pool which directly benefits participating nonprofits and is comprised of monetary incentives offered throughout the 24-hour giving day. The different prizes help maximize exposure for nonprofits, which drives donations to their organizations. Overall, having a robust prize pool increases the chances for participating nonprofits to receive more money and support. Our foundation partners will receive branding opportunities online and special recognition throughout the giving day.

In-Kind Partner

$$ varies

Provide an incentive contribution for nonprofits and give an in-kind donation such as a pizza party, ice cream party, team building activity, etc. to the organization with the most donors or most dollars raised during a specific time throughout the day.

Media Partner

$$ varies

Help get the word out about Give for Good Louisville through promotion, advertising, and earned media as well as provide incentive contributions for nonprofits.

*All benefits are subject to level of sponsorship and determined by Community Foundation of Louisville team. For additional details, please contact the Foundation team.

Become a partner today!

Contact us at or call (502) 585-4649.