A Fund, Inc.

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A Fund, Inc. is a very small, all-volunteer group with one purpose—to provide funding for women who are otherwise unable to pay for abortion and long acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs).

Since 1993, A Fund has been providing financial help to Kentucky patients seeking abortion in Kentucky and in clinics in neighboring states. Since the abortion ban went into effect in Kentucky, KY patients are traveling to Illinois, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia and other states for care.  This travel increases out of pocket costs and decreases the amount each patient can pay for the abortion procedure or medication.

A Fund has sought creative new ways to help people seeking reproductive care: connecting with clinics in nearby states to ensure Kentucky clients continue to receive A Fund support, partnering with other support organizations to assist with travel costs or access to abortion pills, funding LARCs for local clinics.

In Louisville, patients tend to come from neighborhoods with lower than average incomes, although even high-income districts are represented. In fact, abortion patients come from 38 different zip codes in the Louisville metro area alone.

Who We Are

A Fund, Inc. is a 501c3 org directed and staffed entirely by volunteers who raise money to help Kentucky girls and women pay for the abortion they seek. Since 1993, A Fund has been helping women access abortion and regain control of their lives. We believe that no one should be denied access to abortion because of lack of money. Last year, we raised about $100,000 and helped more than 750 women pay for an abortion to end an unwanted, unplanned or medically risky pregnancy. We also helped fund Long Acting Reversible Contraception (IUDs, implants) for 27 women, to prevent unplanned pregnancies!

With your help, we can do more.

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