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Anchal uses design and collaboration to provide economic opportunities for marginalized women through a holistic program, the creation of sustainable products, and access to the global market. Anchal artisans uplift themselves from the commercial sex trade, domestic violence, or poverty by crafting trendsetting products in sustainable methods that build financial independence and safety for themselves and their children.

A Need for New Training & Benefits Programs

Anchal is embarking on a thrilling new chapter after 13 years of remarkable impact. Through the expansion of new advanced training programs and enhanced benefits for the existing 204 artisans, as well as new women eagerly awaiting to join, Anchal will provide these women with the means to broaden their knowledge, strengthen their confidence, and enhance economic self-sufficiency.

The artisans’ skills and talent have earned recognition from esteemed brands such as Anthropologie, West Elm, Bloomingdales, and even the Guggenheim Museum. This national spotlight, for the Louisville-based non-profit, has ignited a need for Anchal's artisans to diversify their skills, embrace new techniques, and broaden the product range.

Will you join us in making a meaningful impact by donating to these training and benefit programs?

  • Tailoring & Patterning Training
  • Design & Quality Workshops
  • Block Print Training
  • New Baby Collection Infrastructure & Training
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Health Camps that include Vision and Gynecological
  • Awards and Gifts 

Your support in this endeavor will bring about lasting transformation for Anchal artisans and their families. In turn, products created during these programs will attract a broader customer base, increase brand visibility, and lead to increased sales that will be reinvested into this community of women. 

Moreover, as our team in India continues to evolve, Anchal's presence in Louisville, KY is expanding. Anchal will soon unveil its brand-new headquarters and retail store in the Shelby Park neighborhood. This momentous move will spotlight the artisans' extraordinary creations and cultivate even stronger connections within the vibrant Louisville community.

Thank you for choosing to design change in the world for women and supporting ethical manufacturing practices!

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Shalu's Story

Shalu's journey stands as a testament to the immense potential inherent in Anchal's training programs and career opportunities. Now leading the sewing machine team, Shalu effortlessly creates the most intricate pieces and orchestrates Purchase Orders by skillfully managing the product distribution for the stitching team.

"This is my passion. I love it," Shalu asserts with genuine enthusiasm, "I enjoy the challenge of creating complicated designs and devising solutions for difficult tasks."

Shalu's path to confidence was not always smooth, she admits. "When I initially joined after completing the training program, I was hesitant. My main focus was supporting my family financially. The idea of going out on my own felt challenging." Yet, today, she is an embodiment of pride and self-sufficiency.

"I've grown more independent and accomplished than I ever imagined. The techniques I learned at work now extend to sewing my own clothes and dresses. The desire for learning, especially about design and stitching, only grows stronger."

Beyond her remarkable progress within Anchal, Shalu's influence extends to her peers. Regarded as a role model, her fellow artisans speak highly of her. Ruksar admires Shalu's impact on improving work quality, while Monika strives to emulate Shalu's excellence, remarking, "She produces the best products!" In response, Shalu humbly acknowledges, "That's the ultimate compliment. It makes me feel good and confident."

Shalu's aspirations reach beyond Anchal's scope. With a strong belief in education, she is pursuing her third year of college, cultivating her passion for the arts. "I also play a part in my siblings' education, encouraging them to pursue their studies." Bolstered by her earnings at Anchal, Shalu and her husband are making headway in their journey towards owning a home, having secured land and started construction.

Observing Shalu's remarkable evolution over the past six years underscores the transformative power Anchal wields. Her journey, marked by seizing opportunities, reveals her innate passion and newfound confidence. Anchal provides marginalized women with valuable skills, a steady income, and a platform for self-expression. This not only enhances their overall well-being but also promotes gender equality and empowerment, creating a ripple effect that uplifts families and fosters generational change. 

Your support in this cause amplifies these stories of empowerment, illuminating the path for others like Shalu to flourish!

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