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With a goal to permanently protect and steward lands critical to agriculture viability and community character in the Bluegrass region, Bluegrass Land Conservancy works on a daily basis with landowners across the region to conserve land through voluntary conservation easements.  

Over the past 28 years, Bluegrass Land Conservancy has saved over 33,000 of our most critical acres from future development. In the last year, some of the land we protected included over 1,200 acres on two historic working and sacred farms: St. Catharine Farm (Washington County) and the Loretto Motherhouse Farm (Marion County).

Last fall, the Dominican Sisters of Peace signed a conservation easement with BLC that will preserve the historic view of the Farm and the large stands of old growth trees, as well as the working agricultural farm. 

“We rejoice heartily that the sacred land where the Dominican Sisterhood began in the United States 200 years ago has become a gift to the future - the future of Springfield, of Washington County, of Kentucky, indeed of the world.  By donating the development rights, we have ensured that the 605 acres known as St. Catharine Farm will never be suffocated by concrete, poisoned by toxic chemicals, or stripped naked by clear-cutting.  Its 120 acres of forests will continue to gift the region with oxygen and protect wildlife, its pastures will nourish healthy livestock, its bottomlands will provide vibrant crops of food for humans whose food supply may be diminished by climate change.” ~ Dominican Sister of Peace Claire McGowan, OP, founder of New Pioneers for a Sustainable Future

Just a few months later, Bluegrass Land Conservancy worked with the Sisters of Loretto to permanently protected the historic Loretto Motherhouse farm with a conservation easement. 


 “The Loretto Community has long been committed to caring for Earth.  Pope Francis reminds us in Laudato Si’ that we as humans are not separate from nature but are part of nature.  Our commitment to peace and justice not only extends to Earth but is rooted in our understanding that we are of Earth.  It is our responsibility to protect our sacred Motherhouse lands; doing so ensures that these waters, forests, and grasslands will be protected into perpetuity, providing cleaner water and air for all.” ~ Loretto President Sister Barbara Nicholas SL

All of these conserved lands will remain open for agricultural uses and natural habitat in perpetuity. 

We still have plenty of work to do to combat the rapid pace of development! We need your help to increase the pace of conservation before it is too late.

Who We Are

Since 1995, the Bluegrass Land Conservancy has protected over 28,000 acres of farmland in our 24-county region of central Kentucky. We focus on preserving wildlife habitat, natural resources, farmland and fresh food, clean waterways, iconic landscapes, and cultural, scenic and historic locations. We elevate the importance of land as part of our regional identity, ensuring a high quality of life for current and future generations.

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