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Granny's Birth Initiative, INC is the elite innovative perinatal health organization. It is our mission to decrease the national & Black maternal & infant health crisis. We focus on serving birthing people that were incarcerated, homeless, or of the foster care system with emphasis on BIPOC people.

We currently supply the needs for birthing people with our Maternity Pantry: a 3 in 1: Infant/ Maternal clothes closet, Diaper Bank, and Milk Bank, a vital resource as we address the formula shortage and diaper disparities. Clients may visit the maternity pantry monthly to shop for: 10 infant care items, 5 Maternal/ Paternal care items, 1 book, and 1 blanket. Our Maternity Pantry is supported by our community at Granny’s Girls Birth Initiatives Monthly Maternity Donation Drive we hold every second Sunday of the month for the past two years. Funds are needed for items that are just better new such as car seats, pumps, cribs, bottles, and pacifiers. Plus the cost of safe Human donor (breast milk), which is $4.25 PER OUNCE! Helps use make this resource cost free! 

Doula Dash is THE FIRST Maternal Transportation initiative, designed to provide a solution to the barriers transportation has on accessing adequate & equitable maternal healthcare. Doula Dash is a share rider service in which a Doula or perinatal health professional will provide a ride both to and from prenatal, postpartum, newborn, or lactation support appointments. KY is #1 for maternal mortality with 91% of maternal deaths declared PREVENTABLE (Louisville Metro Health Department, 2022).  We must get people adequate care and help them understand their appointments! Since the more educated and fit the birthing person is the better the birth outcomes (CDC, 2018). Doula Dash also provides transportation to childbirth education, maternal fitness, pelvic floor therapy, and yoni steaming. Even if the person has transportation, you cannot take other children to postpartum appointments, a major reason why many postpartum people miss. As a result, we miss the chance to save a life. Therefore, one can call Doula Dash for sibling support, a doula that takes care of children during the care of the mother during prenatal, birth, and pospartum experiences. We would also like Doula Dash to grow into a postpartum meal train, as adequate nutrition is needed for postpartum healing. Granny’s Birth Initiative is here to fight the maternal heal crisis as whole but, diversified enough to understand and address the increased disparities of Black and BIPOC birthing people. Including our fluent Spanish certified medical interpreter/ doula, working hard to create our content in Spanish and servicing our Latinx birth community. But she is our only one! Both programs are young but have had great effects here in Louisville, KY. However, it is our goal to birth KENTUCKY better, not just Louisville. We understand we must reach rural KY to have better birth outcomes. Funding would expand our community maternal health promotion events, train more Latinx/ Hispanic perinatal health professionals, doula dash drivers, and open more Maternity Pantries in counties in need across the commonwealth.

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