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Make History Happen!

Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing invites you to give so that more students can participate in our award-winning, hands-on history/archaeology Building Blocks of History field trip. Your gift can cover bus transportation for an in-person field trip--or a school's fee for our virtual field trip experience. When cost is a barrier, your gift will make participation possible for any school group.

Riverside is a 300-acre historic farm site on the Ohio River in southwest Louisville. Its mission is to promote, preserve, restore, and interpret historic farm life on the Ohio River. Since the property opened to the public in 1993, Riverside has welcomed hundreds of thousands of school children for its Building Blocks program.

This full-day immersive experience introduces students to the history of the property--and to the process of doing history. Students tour the property, dig alongside professional archaeologists at the current excavation site, and engage in other hands-on activities. We want students to become interested in the past--and to ask questions about it. We introduce them to the types of evidence historians and archaeologists use to learn about the past. And, we encourage them to use their analytical and critical thinking skills as "history detectives."

Your investment will ensure many more students can participate in this exciting program. You will be providing access for all students, helping them to gain important insight into the historical process and into the significance of our community's stories.

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