Click here to view the prize rules.

- Prize awards are subject to audit and will be finalized no later than September 25 at 5 PM.
- Prizes may be revoked or withheld if donations or matches can’t be validated or if donations do not qualify as “Unique Donations,” including falsifying donor email addresses or matches.
- A “Unique Donation” is defined as one gift of $10 or more to one organization from one donor. Anyone who attempts to game the system runs the risk of being caught in our audit.
- In the event of ties, prizes will be split.
- Nonprofits can only win one Golden Ticket prize throughout the day.
- Nonprofits can only win one Power Prize throughout the day.
- Nonprofits may win one Golden Ticket & one Power Prize throughout the day.
- Community Foundation of Louisville fundholder distributions count towards the Bonus Pool and Grand Prizes, but are not eligible for Golden Tickets or time-based strategic prizes.
- Nonprofits selected their size category at registration and their size was validated against the organization’s 990.
- Nonprofits may win up to three #WhyIGive prizes. Donors may only be selected to win one #WhyIGive prize.

View and Download the Bonus Pool, Schedule and Guidelines